Why leave the classroom? Where could I make the most impact? Year after year I serviced an average of 100-150 students and I did my best to teach them to enjoy reading and writing. After I reached my 20th year of teaching and visits increased daily from my colleagues asking questions about our craft, I became overwhelmed. And yet, filled with excitement that they sought my advice, it hit me. Maybe, coaching teachers to become better at their profession was my new calling. It also made sense. Where can I double, triple, or even quadruple my efforts to students? It took me years and years to get to my comfort zone as an English teacher. What could I do to help other teachers make an impact on their students as soon as possible? Basically, to shorten their journey of epic fails.

So, here I am on my coaching journey. This blog is to compile my personal experience and recommendations to teachers I service and teachers that seek assistance but are afraid to ask.